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We are committed to keeping our customers safe on the road by ensuring their vehicles remain both legal and roadworthy.  When registering a vehicle with Blakesley Garage, our Service staff will either call or email our customers to provide a helpful reminder as to when the annual MOT Test of their vehicle is due.

When booking an MOT Test with Blakesley Garage, customers can choose to:

  • Stay and wait in our MOT Viewing Area (once Covid restrictions are lifted)
  • Drop off and collect
  • Take advantage of our “Collection and Return” service

(within a 5-mile radius)

Our approved MOT Testing Station can accommodate all vehicles up to Class 4 including:

  • All makes and models of Cars
  • All light Commercial Vehicles up to 3,000Kg
  • Motorhomes
  • Camper Vans

If, during an MOT Test, it is established that certain aspects of a vehicle do not meet Ministry of Transport standards, a Fail Certificate is issued detailing the defects and our customer is provided with an estimate of the repair costs.  In many instances, fully guaranteed repairs can be carried out by our Technicians on the very same day, along with the obligatory MOT Re-Test.

When MOT repairs are carried out in-house, there is no fee for the MOT Re-Test.  However, in the event that repairs are carried out elsewhere and the vehicle is presented for an MOT Re-Test at Blakesley Garage, irrespective of the time frame, the full MOT Test fee applies.



When a vehicle is registered with Blakesley Garage our helpful Service staff provide our customers with a helpful reminder as to when their vehicle is due a service.

Whilst ensuring a vehicle remains roadworthy, regular servicing also preserves the manufacturer’s warranty.  It can also help to save money, lengthen the life of a vehicle and at the same time reduce the likelihood of breakdowns.

We offer a number of different servicing options based on manufacturers’ servicing schedules along with the age and mileage of each specific vehicle.

After every service, we issue an invoice that details all the work that has been carried out on the vehicle as well as details of all the parts that have been used during the service.  Additionally, we also provide a summary of any issues that have been identified that may require attention in the future.

In order to preserve the manufacturer’s warranty, we ensure that warranty paperwork (where available) is completed and stamped.


To maintain the warranty on a new vehicle, it is essential for new car owners to follow the manufacturer’s specified servicing schedule.  Whilst there is no legal obligation to use a franchised dealer to carry out servicing, choosing to have servicing carried out by a reputable, trusted garage like Blakesley Garage can save time, money and inconvenience.



As every vehicle owner knows, from time to time repairs become necessary and no matter how well a vehicle is maintained, parts can wear, break or occasionally need replacing, for example:

  • Brakes
  • Clutch and Gearbox
  • Steering and Suspension
  • Cambelt, Water Pump and Radiator
  • Tyres
  • Battery, Alternator and Starter-Motor
  • Exhaust, Catalyst and DPF’s
  • Cylinder Head Gasket

At Blakesley Garage, we pride ourselves on operating a fair and transparent pricing policy.  Prior to commencing any repair work, we always provide an estimate of the total costs involved.  We are confident that the estimates we provide are not only competitive in the market place but also represent excellent value for money.

In the event of a breakdown, a vehicle can be relayed to our easy to locate premises in Blakesley (near Towcester).  Here, our qualified technicians can carry out an in-depth mechanical and diagnostic investigation to establish the cause of the breakdown and to carry out timely and cost-effective repairs.

All repairs are carried out and quality checked by our team of expert technicians.  On completion of repairs, we issue an invoice that fully details all the work that has been carried out in addition to a list of parts that have been used.  At Blakesley Garage we only ever use quality parts and lubricants sourced via verified and trusted suppliers and manufacturers.

Vehicle technology is constantly evolving.  In order to stay up to date with the latest technology, Blakesley Garage has invested heavily in modern, state of-the-art diagnostic equipment that is invaluable for identifying faults with today’s technically advanced vehicles.

At Blakesley Garage, we realise that repairs cannot always be completed in one day due to either their complexity or the length of time required.  Therefore, on-site, we have a modest-sized fleet of courtesy vehicles available for the exclusive use of our customers.




Maintaining a vehicle’s air conditioning system provides a far more comfortable driving experience and at Blakesley Garage, our experienced and trained Technicians can provide a full Air Conditioning system check including;

  • Leak testing
  • Anti-Bacterial Sanitising
  • System Flush
  • Temperature Check
  • Refrigerant Check and Fluid Top-Up
  • Lubricant Check and Top-Up
  • Compressor Check
  • Condenser Check
  • Drive Belts and Hose Checks
  • Re-Gassing/Re-Charging

We can service and maintain a wide variety of different air conditioning systems fitted to;

  • Cars
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Motorhomes
  • Camper Vans