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With the ever-advancing technology within the motor industry, vehicle faults and
breakdowns are not always mechanical and this is when diagnostic testing is required.

Every motorist has been in the situation where they turn on the ignition and an error warning light illuminates on the dash. This function has been generated by one of the many computerised control units within the vehicle and indicates that there is an issue that requires attention.

Today’s vehicles are extremely high-tech with the inclusion of computer processors, microchips and sensors that control the function of windscreen wipers right through to engine management. They have the ability to produce “error” or “fault” codes that are stored in the vehicle “memory”. Once the vehicle is linked to a diagnostic computer, all the stored codes can be read and deciphered giving the technician the information required to identify a fault both swiftly and accurately.

  • Diagnostic testing can be used to investigate a wide variety of faults / failures including those associated with:
  • • The engine
    • The gearbox
    • The fuel system
    • The exhaust system

Our Technicians are fully trained in the use of diagnostic equipment and we continue to
invest heavily in the latest diagnostic computer equipment for use on all makes and models
of vehicles including Hybrid and Electric.

The expert Technicians at Blakesley Garage can carry out diagnostic testing on:
• All makes and models of cars including Hybrid and Electric
• All makes and models of light commercial vehicles
• Campervans
• Motorhomes

Carrying out a diagnostic test can save both time and money as it enables a problem to be identified both quickly and accurately, rather than having speculative repairs carried out which can be both costly and time consuming.

The benefit of diagnostic testing means that once a fault is diagnosed, the relevant parts can be ordered and repairs can, in most
instances, be carried out the same day thus minimising inconvenience and ensuring repair costs are kept to a minimum.

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